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We Accept Dogs & Cats Under 25 lbs. 

Open Tuesday - Sat

7 am - 3 pm

No agressive dogs accepted.

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A Cruzin Clip'

Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you come into my home to groom my dog?

No. All grooming is done in our state-of-the-art mobile dog grooming salon.  The salon is clean, modern, bright, heated and air conditioned.

Do you use my electricity? 

No. The mobile pet grooming salon comes equipped with a whisper-quiet Onan 7000 generator.

Do you use my water?

No.  The mobile grooming salon is        fully self-contained.  We bring our own fresh soft water, applied at a comfortable temperature, thanks to our on-board water heater.

Does mobile grooming cost more? 

Yes.  We are not a mobile version of  the local PetSomething discount pet store.   Mobile dog grooming with A Cruzin Clip' involves experienced, professional service, high quality all-natural products that are safe for your pet and the environment,  personalized attention and gentle, loving care.  Mobile grooming is not for everyone; only you can decide if the care, quality and attention are worth the price. 

One-on-one personal service means that your dog has the groomer’s sole attention for the entire appointment.  At grooming shops, dogs are bathed and put into cages to dry while the groomer bathes the next dog (finishing the dogs later).  This is cheaper and faster but can be more stressful for your dog or cat. At A Cruzin' Clip
, you can discuss your concerns or trim style preferences directly with the groomer, not a clerk or receptionist.  You will always have the same groomer, not someone you’ve never met.  Many salons use the same generic bulk shampoos, diluted up to 50:1, for all dogs.   We use only premium shampoos and  products selected especially for your dog’s coat and skin condition.  Our mobile facility is large, bright, clean, and well-equipped, surpassing the conditions at many shops.  

Can you bathe my dog?

Yes. The mobile dog grooming salon is fully equipped for bathing and drying.

How long does it take?

Appointments may take as long as 1  1/2 hours. Your dog is shampooed in high quality all natural shampoo.  Then, we hand dry rather than cage drying.  This takes longer but is part of our hands-on care.  On first visits (or anytime you request) we will also have a personalized consultation about your  dog as part of the appointment.

Do you bathe or groom cats?

Yes, we love and specialize in cats.  They  must be non-aggressive and the owner can assist during the groom to help keep the cat calm. 

What payment methods do you accept?

            We accept Cash, Check or Credit/Debit card           (There is a 3% Charge for use of Credit/Debit)

 What areas do you service?

Grooming services are provided  in: Summerlin and South up to the 215 on the north side, NW Las Vegas, North East Las Vegas.   We do not service Henderson/Green Valley.

What is the FURminator?
The FURminator Shed Less  Treatment is a de-shedding tool for your pet. Your pet's undercoat  can become a dense mess of loose, dead hair- and the major source of shedding. The FURminator treatment gently removes the undercoat hair quickly and easily. Neither the specialized tool nor the process hurts your pet. In fact, many pet parents report that their pets seem more comfortable and display less scratching after they've enjoyed their FURminator treatment. So not only will it benefit your couches and carpets, but your beloved pet as well!


How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?

Normally we can book your appointment  within 2-3 days ahead during weekdays or 2-3 weeks ahead for weekends. However, there are both cancellations and busier times of the year, so please contact us and see if your desired day is available.


How often should I have my pet Groomed?

Generally, a grooming every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended. The frequency varies depending on breed and coat type.