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We Accept Dogs & Cats Under 30 lbs. 

Open Tuesday - Sat

7 am - 3 pm

No agressive dogs accepted.

Call Us at (702) 326-5357


Basic Dog Groom

  •  Bath using premium all-natural shampoos and conditioners

   Gentle Warm hydro-massage

  •  Blueberry Facial
  •  Brush/Comb-Out
  •  Ears cleaned
  •  Nails trimmed
  •  Gentle gland expression (if needed or requested)
  •  Hand fluff drying
  •  Individualized styling 

   Finished with a spritz of cologne, bows or bandanas (by request)

    Additional Services ($10)

       Teeth brushing and breath spray – A recommend addition to a regular grooming routine.

       Nail Trim on other Pets while at residence (each)

       Medicated Shampoo and Deep Penetrating Conditioner

    Basic Cat Groom

          Bath using premium all-natural shampoos and conditioners for cats

          Gentle Warm hydro-massage


          Ears cleaned

          Nails trimmed

          Pads trimmed (if requested)

          Hand fluff drying

          Individualized styling 

         Finished with a spritz of cologne

    For long and medium coat cats, I offer several styles of cuts.  Here are some recommendations:

    · Kitten cut (must not be matted) $15 additional charge
    · Lion cut with mane behind front legs, with or without rear booty's, full or puff tail
    · Lion cut with body shave leaving head, with booties, and a full or puff tail

    Creative Cat Grooming Starting at $80

    Creative Grooming is only offered to approved cats

    Creative cat grooming las vegas summerlin

    Creative cat grooming las vegas summerlincreative cat grooming las vegas summerlincreative cat grooming las vegascreative cat grooming las vegas

    Spiral Tail

    creative cat grooming

    Pom Tail

    Creative cat grooming

    A CruCreative cat groomingzin' Clip Mobile makes every attempt to provide a safe environment for many cats and kittens which otherwise may not do well in a salon environment.  With no barking dogs, and a very calm atmosphere, we attempt to make the grooming process a positive experience for your feline friend.

    Bad behavior such as snarling, spitting, swatting, biting will not be acceptable, and may prevent your feline friend from having their groom completed. I do not groom tranquilized cats or kittens, they are safer if done by a groomer at a veterinarians office. If we are unable to complete the groom after every attempt is made to do so you will be responsible for the portion of the groom completed, or the travel fee which ever is greater.


     Is your cat scratching up the furniture? Then ask your groomer about nail caps for your cat!

    Soft Paws Nail Caps:


    Tired of your pet scratching up your furniture, hardwood floors or your family?  Then get Soft Paws nail caps.  These soft vinyl nail caps glue on the the nail leaving a soft blunt and harmless. Vinyl nail caps can be applied with adhesive to your cat's claws. This amazing product effectively covers the claws so no damage occurs when your cat scratches. Vinyl nail cap application lasts for approximately 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your dog or cat's activity level and nail chewing habits. We trim the nails and will apply the nail caps for only $15 for the front paws, $10 for the back paws, $22 for all four paws.


    Dematting is not a service that I will provide on a regular basis. Any necessary dematting will be discussed. If I feel at any time that your pet is in distress or discomfort, the dematting will be ceased immediately and another solution will have to be discussed. Dematting can be painful and unnecessary. Dematting is charged in 15 minute increments for an additional fee of $80 per hour.

    Shedless Furminator Treatments:

    This treatment is available for an additional fee based on the size of your pet.


    Reduces shedding by 60-80%


    Now it's here. It's an ingeniously simple grooming treatment called the FURminator® shed-less treatment, centred around a patented new de-Shedding tool, and it just might change the world - one pet at a time - so pet lovers everywhere can enjoy their pets to the fullest.


    Typical pet grooming systems merely wash and comb your pet's hair without addressing the underlying problem, which literally is the underlying problem - your pet's undercoat

    Your pet's undercoat can become a dense mess of loose dead hair

    And be the major source of shedding. FURminator® treatment was developed to grab and remove - not cut, but remove - undercoat hair quickly and easily.

    Neither the special tool nor the process hurts your pet, and the all-natural deShedding shampoo & deShedding solution are great for promoting a healthy coat and healthy skin on your pet.

    Blueberry or Berry Facial Treatments:

    Free with our pampering bath 

    Who doesn't love a facial? Your dog will enjoy the experience and you will enjoy the results. This tearless face wash, shampoo and brightener has Coconut oil, Jojoba, Aloe, blueberry, avocado, vitamin A, D and E. It's gentle enough for the face and eye area and brighten's the entire coat. The blueberry or berry scent is heavenly!
    The Spa Package:
    This package includes Toothbrushing, Breath Freshner, Medicated or Specialty Shampoo & Re-Moisturizer Deep Penetrating with Aloe Conditioner.

    Grooming Rates

    (Grooming rates below are starting prices, excessive matting or difficult animals increase grooming rates. All prices include nails, ears, bath and glands. Short hair prices to not include cut. Travel fee of $15 not included.)

                                       short hair        med. hair    long hair

                                        (no cut)                (w/cut)             (w/cut)

    Small dog (under 15 lbs) $45+           $50+        $55+

    Medium dog (15-30 lbs)  $50+           $50+        $55+

    FURminator Shed-Less    $10              $15          $20 

    Cat Grooming            $65 Bath Brush or Lion Cut/nails/ears 

                                   $80 Kitten Cut/nails/ears

    ($15 travel fee not included in cat prices $60 minimum service call)

    Additional Services

    Teeth Brushing $10

    Nail Trim on separate pet $15

    Medicated or Specialty Shampoos $5

    FURminator Shed-Less Treatment $10-$20

    Re-Moisturizer Deep Penetrating Conditioner $5

    Nail Caps $15 front/$10 back/$25 all

    Nail Grinding $5

    Spa Package: Teeth, Breath Freshner, Medicated or Specialty Shampoo & Re-Moisturizer $15


    Please be aware once you book an appointment that time is scheduled exclusively for your pet. If you are unable to keep your appointment you must phone 702-326-5357 at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time. If an appointment is scheduled and not canceled you may be subject to a $25 trip fee. Email is not an acceptable form of cancellation